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Christ | Gospel Family | Community

To be a Christ-centered athletic association with the mission of advancing and building God’s kingdom through athletics. Doing this by intentionally sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and embodying what it means to be a follower of Christ.  

To reach our community with the saving grace of Jesus Christ by serving all children desiring to participate; regardless of faith, race, socio-economic standing or athletic ability.  

*Advancing and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ Encouraging those who desire a personal relationship with and/or more knowledge of Jesus Christ Growing together in our Christian faith

*Developing the gifts and talents of and guiding the understanding of athletics by the coaches, officials, parents and players from a biblical perspective
*Nurturing and strengthening the family unit Training young people in spirit, mind and body. To achieve this we do the following:
*Spirit:  Teach Gospel-centered, spiritual truths by way of staff, officials and coaches.
*Mind:  Challenge each player with game strategies, team dynamics and life application in       addition to maintaining and excelling in his school curriculum.
*Body:  Provide the opportunity to achieve one’s “personal best” under the teaching and          guidance of the entire coaching staff.

  • 09.06.20165:30 PM

    Purple Wave Brimm VS. ECS Lawson

    Grace Evan - Flag Field 2
  • 09.06.20165:30 PM

    BCS Bontemps VS. KIPP Kebede

    Grace Evan - Flag Field 1
  • 09.06.20166:15 PM

    MGM McEwan VS. Purple Wave Frasure

    Christian Brothers High School - Field 1
  • 09.06.20166:30 PM

    Bulldog Burks VS. ECS Stephens

    Grace Evan - Flag Field 1
  • 09.06.20166:30 PM

    BCS McElveen VS. Purple Wave Schaffler

    Grace Evan - Flag Field 2
  • 09.08.20165:30 PM

    Crusaders Ray VS. BCS Tyler

    Grace Evan - Flag Field 2
  • 09.08.20165:30 PM

    BCS Speakman VS. St Louis Nunn

    Grace Evan - Flag Field 1
  • 09.08.20166:30 PM

    BCS Anderson VS. St Georges Maxwell

    Grace Evan - Flag Field 2
  • 09.10.20169:00 AM

    Southside Washington VS. Binghampton McArtor

    The Hamp - Field 1
  • 09.10.20169:00 AM

    BCS Norman VS. Purple Wave Frasure

    Briarcrest West Field - West Field

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  • Football Field Updated:08.23.2016 06:23PM

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